Smart Counseling – The World Of Online Help

The fast-faced innovation in today’s generation is making everybody’s lives convenient and more manageable. That is because there’s a lot of things that technology can provide. From home electronics to office needs, everything is just a click or a tap away from people’s devices to access education and transportation. But one of the best impacts of technological advancement is online help. Since today’s world is full of uncertainty, isolation, emotional and mental health issues, online help has been an excellent outlet for an overall improvement.


What Exactly Is An Online Help?

Online help also refers to online counseling or therapy. It is where people receive professional assistance for emotional and mental health problems via the internet. It could be through video conferences, phone calls, live chats, and emails.


Accessibility For People With Physical Limitations

Online counseling is the best option for those people with physical limitations that require emotional and mental help. It spares them the time and hassles to go to hospitals and clinics only to seek counseling services. It provides them comfortability of doing the whole process of counseling without trying to exert too much effort. It allows them to be independent in their own way, especially during counseling sessions that usually talk about personal issues.

Good Option For Remote Areas 

Online counseling is beneficial to those people who live in remote areas because they can access it almost anywhere. They only have to have internet and a computer or mobile device, and they are good to go. The session can start almost immediately because there is not much hassle during the live chat. And if in case the counselors and clients are busy, they can remain connected through emails.

Convenience And Affordability 

Online help saves people’s financial matters as the sessions are more affordable compared to the traditional ones. People can also find the best therapists or counselors that specialize in mental health problems through specific apps. These are convenient, accessible, and secure. Some of them include MindShift, Calm, Talkspace, Sober Grid, MoodFit, Happify, and many more.

Treatment Is More Accessible

Again, the emphasis of online counseling is its accessibility for emotional and mental health issues. It is an adaptable option that caters to people’s needs and all types of concerns, from anxiety to depression, from a romantic relationship to marital challenges. People engage with online counseling because they can easily choose and find their preferred counselor directly from their homes.



Confidentiality And Privacy

While there are many benefits to online counseling, there is still some disadvantage that people experience in some instances. One of those is confidentiality and privacy. That is because when things are shared online, there is a possibility that the information might leak. The data might get used on other things that security issues come into play. Some counselors might promise to provide safety and security, but most are not concerned with confidentiality, especially since sessions are only done online.

Unreliable Discussion

There is a significant chance of miscommunication between clients and counselors because people may find it difficult to put complex thoughts and emotions through online interaction. Even if a phone call or chat-based session may seem convenient, some may still find it unreliable for details and information required for the counseling. Online help can be great with an immediate connection, but it does not always guarantee a genuine conversation between clients and counselors.

Computer And Internet Concerns

Another issue that people might find a little bit hassle is the computer and internet concerns that might take place at any moment. Though technology is entirely helpful, it still fails in certain circumstances. Thus, when there is no internet connection, it would be difficult to follow scheduled sessions. The counselors and clients might lose interest in connecting with the process again. Computer and internet concerns may be the least of people’s problems, but it is entirely a big deal for online help.

Lack Of Physical Presence

The art of counseling is to provide emotional care to those individuals who are struggling with their lives. Though online counseling provides an immediate response, it lacks verbal cues and physical presence. It can lead to patients feeling a little skeptical with the process as they might not feel confident or comfortable talking about their deepest secrets to the professional who they didn’t have a chance to meet in person.



There are pros and cons to traditional and online counseling. But both of them are still viable options for better emotional and mental health improvement. Therefore, there is not much to worry about as to what people should or shouldn’t choose. It will all go down to their preference. All in all, online help is an excellent way to break the stigma of not trying to seek mental and emotional help. Thanks to technology, counseling has become more engaging and fun.


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