Amazing Discoveries That Have Changed Our Lives

Throughout technological history, we have learned how the primitive man has progressed to today’s modern technology. Indeed, even your eyeglasses have a wonderful history of its invention and use. There are also the basic inventions, like the candle that has led to the making of the fluorescent light.

Below is a list of more amazing discoveries that have, in one way or the other, tremendously changed the way we live today.

Paper. The paper is a Chinese invention and is now the main tool for documentation today. It has become the basis for people to learn how to write journals and then, later on, create blogs for others to read online. We may not have thought about it much often, but if the paper wasn’t discovered, we would never have had anything to write out our thoughts or document our life experiences.


Electricity. Well, can you imagine if nobody ever found out about electricity? Almost all of the conveniences we are benefiting today are a product of the discovery of electricity. We have known the power of electricity when we first saw the power of lightning. Today, nobody would probably be comfortable having a candle to light our homes for the whole day.

Telephone. The corded telephone was the only way we could communicate with people through voice for so long. But because telephones were corded, we couldn’t travel from one place to another while talking on them. As technology discovered newer ways of communication, which brought about mobile phones and other gadgets, let’s remember how precious the first telephone was to history.

Automobiles. From traveling with horses and carriages, then came the invention of the cars, which were first thought to help save environmental pollution coming from the horse’s waste scattered in the town streets. We didn’t know then that this modern invention would bring about its share of pollution as well.


Personal Computers. In the 1970s, among the first inventions was the computer the size comparable to a room. A decade after, the discovery of the personal computer was heaven-sent. Slowly, the typewriters became mere antiques and beautiful additions to colonial house designs. The text from this old device was replaced by a new look through the word processing software. The personal computers were very useful to humankind, not only in hastening documentation and recording but also communicating through email. Soon, inventors made laptops so that people wouldn’t have to stay in one place to use computers but can carry them wherever they went.

Airplanes. We didn’t mind taking the boat for a time, but when airplanes were discovered, the day became hours and the hours became minutes until we reached our destination, and we knew we had to take it despite the high cost at times. It clearly made traveling easier and more convenient.



Through the years, one thing is clear. Our way of life has changed according to the advancement of modern technologies that people from different generations experienced. We begin to realize that if technology can further break barriers, so can man. Technological upgrades are proof that we will continuously create fresh ideas that can help us make our lives easier.




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