Too Much Computer Use Can Cause Mental Health Issues


Being in front of the computer for more than five hours each day can lead to insomnia and depression – mental health issues. “While it’s a helpful tool for education, work, social interaction and entertainment, overuse can take a toll on your health,” says Saju Mathew, M.D. These findings were uncovered from the research that was recently conducted. Such a study is entirely different from previous studies relating the occurrences of eye strain, backache, and headache with spending screen time too much.

In a recent study, 25,000 workers were used as sample respondents. A considerable percentage of it stated that they experience the feeling of reluctance in going to work, anxious and even depressed. They also have problems with associating with other co-workers and having not much sleep as well. According to Katie Hurley, LCSW, “Too much time spent scrolling through social media can result in symptoms of anxiety and/or depression.”

Researchers from the Chiba University of Japan stated that computer exposure of employees should be put to limit since it was discovered that being in front of the computer too much can cause some problems mental health wise.

Dr. Nakazawa stated that employees should have a maximum of 5 hours’ screen time to protect themselves from having sleep problems and at the same time mental health disorders.  However, sad to know that at around four staff would spend 5 hours’ least working with the computer according to the American Journal of Industrial Medicine.

The conclusions stated above was further supported by a study conducted in Britain that has this conclusion that spending a lot of time in front of the screen would keep a person from mingling with other people. They would have isolated from the world.

A professor at the University of Manchester also stated that indeed mental health issues arises because of the use of computers in their daily jobs.

Being with a computer most of the time isolates a person from working with other people, they skip break time and then having problems with time management arises. Because of this, their social needs would not be met. People need to socialize with other people.

Other than that, people need to have diversity when it comes to working. Because when he does things over and over again, this could also cause some mental health issues.


3 Ways Technology Is Messing With Our Mental Health

Modern technology has indeed dominated the world. This domination implemented change in a rather radical way. As a result, there is a significant change in terms of lifestyle, how work is done and the effectivity also heightened up. The evolution of smartphones and computers indeed reshaped almost all ways. It may have a lot of advantages, but in return, there are also disadvantages that are very hard to ignore. And one of which is that it was found out to be the cause of having mental health issues.

Ways Technology Messed with People’s Mental health

Speed Of Change

Change is inevitable. As the world age forward, change keeps occurring. Then the pace of change is at a reasonable pace that people get to catch and adopt with it immediately. But with the evolution of technology, change came at a rapid pace. With the advantages, it was overwhelming that no one noticed that the changes occur pretty fast. One thing about working with computers and smartphones you get isolated with the real world. And with the more people infuse technology into their everyday lives, the more people get separated from the real world. More and more people get isolated and then eventually to depression. According to observation, technology allows people to work in long hours somewhat help people cut working hours.

The human brain has this biological structure that is fixed, and this disables people to adopt with the realities that come in each day.

How To Adopt The Fast-Paced Change

Ready yourself with the possible changes. See it as a learning experience and an adventure. Always think in advance. Have a foresight on the potential positive consequences and get yourself ready for the adverse effects of the said change.

Isolation Hurts

Because of the many things technology has to offer, people get to spend less and less time with other people. And this situation gets worse as days advance.

Tips To Reduce Isolation

With this, people should learn to get themselves away from computers and limit their exposure to computers. And make it a point to meet people occasionally. Spend some time outside with friends over coffee or movie.


The Consequences Of Internet Addiction

Internet addiction is now new in mental health disorder books. It has a very negative impact on people’s life. “Although it’s easy to identify cyber-crime (downloading or distributing illegal material, hacking, online sexual harassment or child pornography) as a problem area for the Internet, the more mundane effects on our ability to self-regulate are equally important,” explains Timothy A Pychyl Ph.D. The more people get engrossed with technology, they get more isolated and detached from the real world. To the extent that the person is already not his usual self.

How To Get Away From Social Media

Aside from limiting yourself from internet usage, you can also get some apps that will help remind you of your internet time usage. Depression is an awful condition, and people should learn to prevent or at least, cope with it.

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