How Computers Change Our Lives

In the 2019 computer technology conferences, there is a presentation of the good and bad of technology. But as for me, my focus was on the positivity it provides. Therefore I can say that computers are the new humans’ daily companion. And as the technology world evolves, it will also open more opportunities. So if you are asking me why I like computers, here are my top reasons.


It Promotes Smarter Education – Computers promote smarter education because it does not limit its capabilities on developing learning strategies. And since we recognize that people have different learning challenges, computers help address those differences. Computers revolutionize teaching professions by enhancing instructional delivery, accessing students’ data, and calculating grades and averages without a hassle.

It Provides Convenience At Work – The development of technology is fast approaching. That is why automation reshapes the workplace in almost all types of industries. Computers allow a more functioning and less exhausting job for humans. Aside from computers’ ability to cater to the creative and engaging task, it also increases the overall productivity and performance. That is the reason why people are now enjoying the benefits of a daily assignment with the help of these machines


It Opens More Digital Businesses – Since digitations are the only way to move forward, computers offer more of that. It innovates businesses and allows growth. Therefore, it contributes to the development of the economy, as well. With computers, along with the fast-growing internet, the business world becomes more accessible to people.

It Helps Solve Global Challenges– Computers connect both technology and human creativity. With that, it allows a more significant strength to open for possibilities in solving global challenges. The use of computers increases help in energy and resource deficiency, as well as identifies the most successful research and healthcare solutions.

How To Balance Technology Use And Mental Wellness



Because of modern technology, almost everything is within our reach. However, while it has made our lives more convenient in a lot of ways, it has also caused us much stress and anxiety since its birth. According to reports from the American Psychological Association, eight out of ten Americans are constantly using their gadgets – 18% of this percentage is a group of adults who believe that a tremendous amount of their daily stress is due to technology, and 20% think that they’re more stressed when technology doesn’t work. “Too much time spent scrolling through social media can result in symptoms of anxiety and/or depression,” says Katie Hurley, LCSW.

However, it is evident, though, that technology is something that we have lived with and rely on. It has helped us in many ways to be productive, more relaxed, and to quickly get things done. The key is to find ways of managing the way we incorporate technology use with our everyday life so that the benefits outweigh the drawbacks. “Because social media has become such an integrated component of human interaction, it is important for clinicians interacting with young adults to recognize the balance to be struck in encouraging potential positive use, while redirecting from problematic use,” said senior author Brian A. Primack, M.D., Ph.D.

Here are some tips we can follow so we can use our gadgets in healthier ways.

  1. Establish a curfew for when you can’t use your phone at the end of the day. The use of gadgets at night is one of the most common reasons for sleep deprivation. This is due in part to the blue light that technological devices emit, which negatively affects one’s melatonin, the sleep hormone. Another reason would be that the content usually stimulates the brain. Something that you see on social media, like a tweet or an interesting photo would be enough to get your mind working instead of putting it to rest. So set a time to turn it off or place it somewhere far from reach.
  1. Don’t use your phone while you’re driving. It’s just like drinking while driving. Texting or doing other things with your phone while you’re behind the wheel has been the cause of so many accidents and tragedies. So put it into silent just before you get inside your car to avoid looking at it while you’re driving.
  1. Stay in touch physically. According to Martin Graff Ph.D., “Smartphones have made it far easier for us to stay in touch with relationship partners, even when we are geographically distant.” Mobile phones have made it possible to keep in touch with our loved ones more than before, but it has also enabled us to make excuses not to be there for them physically. Being there for our family, friends, and significant others face-to-face is vital for mental and emotional wellness. When you’re with special people in your lives, try your best to detach from digital technology. Stay truly in touch with them by making useful conversations and wonderful memories.
  1. Don’t turn on phone notifications. Yes, notifications make it easy for busy moms and dads to retrieve their important emails from their phone. Psychologists found that when people tried to turn off their notifications, they saw lower levels of stress, hyperactivity, and inattentiveness during that experimental period. And surprisingly, those who were asked to keep their notifications on showed lower levels of productivity, which was somehow associated with less focus. Perhaps you can choose to turn on notifications for those that are work-related only and only during work hours. Facebook and Instagram don’t do much for you but add harm than good.
  1. Recharging and rejuvenating also mean timeout from digital technology. When you want to achieve real relaxation, think about activities where you don’t get to use your mind, such as going to the spa for a massage. Turn off your phone or keep it in silent mode or else you won’t get the full benefits of that massage. You can also go swimming or running, something that will keep your head off your problems at the same time keep you healthy. These are times when you accomplish release and relaxation.

Amazing Discoveries That Have Changed Our Lives

Throughout technological history, we have learned how the primitive man has progressed to today’s modern technology. Indeed, even your eyeglasses have a wonderful history of its invention and use. There are also the basic inventions, like the candle that has led to the making of the fluorescent light.

Below is a list of more amazing discoveries that have, in one way or the other, tremendously changed the way we live today.

Paper. The paper is a Chinese invention and is now the main tool for documentation today. It has become the basis for people to learn how to write journals and then, later on, create blogs for others to read online. We may not have thought about it much often, but if the paper wasn’t discovered, we would never have had anything to write out our thoughts or document our life experiences.


Electricity. Well, can you imagine if nobody ever found out about electricity? Almost all of the conveniences we are benefiting today are a product of the discovery of electricity. We have known the power of electricity when we first saw the power of lightning. Today, nobody would probably be comfortable having a candle to light our homes for the whole day.

Telephone. The corded telephone was the only way we could communicate with people through voice for so long. But because telephones were corded, we couldn’t travel from one place to another while talking on them. As technology discovered newer ways of communication, which brought about mobile phones and other gadgets, let’s remember how precious the first telephone was to history.

Automobiles. From traveling with horses and carriages, then came the invention of the cars, which were first thought to help save environmental pollution coming from the horse’s waste scattered in the town streets. We didn’t know then that this modern invention would bring about its share of pollution as well.


Personal Computers. In the 1970s, among the first inventions was the computer the size comparable to a room. A decade after, the discovery of the personal computer was heaven-sent. Slowly, the typewriters became mere antiques and beautiful additions to colonial house designs. The text from this old device was replaced by a new look through the word processing software. The personal computers were very useful to humankind, not only in hastening documentation and recording but also communicating through email. Soon, inventors made laptops so that people wouldn’t have to stay in one place to use computers but can carry them wherever they went.

Airplanes. We didn’t mind taking the boat for a time, but when airplanes were discovered, the day became hours and the hours became minutes until we reached our destination, and we knew we had to take it despite the high cost at times. It clearly made traveling easier and more convenient.



Through the years, one thing is clear. Our way of life has changed according to the advancement of modern technologies that people from different generations experienced. We begin to realize that if technology can further break barriers, so can man. Technological upgrades are proof that we will continuously create fresh ideas that can help us make our lives easier.




How Businesses Can Improve Productivity Among Employees

When it comes to new technologies, it is vital to remember that top management of an organization, a business, or a company must do its implementation. Choosing the appropriate software and requiring employees to undergo extensive training is extremely vital. All of these will need a big investment, particularly in the workforce, money, and time, but the long-term benefits are worth it.


Below is a list of productivity techniques that companies and businesses can utilize to achieve better productivity from their employees.

  • Businesses should allow their employees with access to safe and continuous data. The bigger businesses usually take a longer time to adjust the transformations in the market, primarily due to their bigger size. The advantage here is seen tremendously in mid and small-level businesses, where they use technological advances to adapt to changes in the global market quickly. Thus, when companies are equipped with a safe and reliable system based on new digital routers, employees can take advantage of the various opportunities that are available in the market.

By providing access to employees, they can increase productivity through valuable information and powerful tools that help them thrive in a competitive business world.

  • By connecting with consumers through technology, small and large brands can grow in power and reach. Brands should stay productive to keep floating at the top of their competition, which means that there must be a consistent customer connection almost always. This is why business owners should provide strategies and tools for their employees to communicate with customers, wherever and whenever effectively. Virtual network systems are among the tools that are important to achieve this consistent connection.
  • Utilize one of the most important discoveries of modern technology – mobile phones. Companies should incorporate its use in all aspects of their business. Since its birth, mobile phones have had extreme power and reach and have allowed people to talk, understand, and communicate with each other much better than before. So just imagine if you don’t have these in the workspace. There will be wasted chances that may lead to project delays and even failures.

With a universal tool such as the mobile phones and other digital solutions, employees can have a phone that rings on different gadgets, making it possible to reach the appropriate person for the job that the customer is looking for. Also, with just a single phone, one can check all his emails, fax, and other important documents that should have been sent and seen from the computer. This may probably have saved us all more than half of the time for each email to be read!

  • Business progress and productivity are quickly monitored through modern technology. Companies can choose from a lot of reliable productivity software in the market to help management effectively track business progress as well as daily goal completion per employee, per department, and the whole organization. If there are unwanted delays or glitches, these devices can make a short coaching session possible to increase employee performance and production. Finally, by monitoring employee goals, you can reward them with incentives so that they are encouraged and motivated to do their best.


Overall, achieving consistent productivity is probably one of the essential ways for companies to be on top of their rivals. Increasing productivity results in a lot of benefits and ultimately allows businesses to seize the customers’ loyalty and of course, the market share in general.



Advantages of Brand Transformation Due To Technology

The digital era has swiftly transformed and is now offering people with infinite options from products down to services. Traditional business platforms have effectively integrated with new technology, making it possible for companies to upgrade their businesses and provide many choices to customers, whether it’s internet-related or not. Because of mobile technological advances, companies can explore and quickly find ways to grow their brands swiftly and effectively.


Consequently, technology does have the potential to fully change the way brands or companies respond to different types of platforms. Let us read below and learn a few of the many advantages of how businesses can be transformed because of the improvement of technology.

  • Technological Advances Help Businesses Connect In Much Better Ways. Even small businesses can communicate better both from the inside and outside because of modern technology. Mobile apps, including texts, web pages, digital products, and emails have made it more convenient than ever for employers to convey messages to employees (and vice versa). Additionally, businesses have effectively connected better with their customers because of social media and other wonderful online platforms that advertise products and make it easier for customers to choose from their homes before they decide to purchase.

This advanced and creative way of connecting has led to an increase in customer satisfaction and loyalty. They see new products in real-time and can communicate their complaints or requests right then and there. Communication has indeed become two-way.

  • Modern Technology Has Decreased Business Cost. Putting up a business takes much time, effort, and of course, expenses. The investment ranges from the purchase of products and hardware to payment of monthly dues, among others. Now, accounting, payroll matters, and record-keeping can be accomplished through the tools and applications made available through technology. This ultimately leads to lesser workload and of course, reduced cost. Transactions have become paperless and transformed into digital means, which can even be viewed through smartphones. Further, companies can do their businesses in a safe and reliable environment.
  • Easy Access To The Global World Through Technology. Traditionally, company brands were limited to their specific regions, as there were a lot of requirements needed to expand outside of their area. Now, with the emergence of smartphones and the Internet, global expansion is within reach – whether it’s a small or big business. You don’t just see local brands in your region but a range of foreign brands, which started with online advertisements. Online stores are among the most popular means of expanding productivity, where companies can sell to the global audience effectively and successfully.


With all the talk about productivity, it is clear that it is a very crucial element in any company, any organization, or any merger. Dependable productivity is almost always the best way to assure customers of sustainable outcomes towards the long-term. Thus, top management and supervisors are responsible for introduces techniques and strategies that will engage their employees and motivate them to be productive and successful consistently. Higher productivity, on the other hand, will bring about other positive results, such as improved working conditions, higher salaries, boosted self-confidence, and strong employer-employee relationships.



Therapist: How Technology Can Help You Cope Up With Depression

Having depression is definitely not an easy thing to handle, especially if you are still in a stage of denial. “Depression is a serious mood disorder that affects millions of people each year,” quotes Jane Framingham, Ph.D. It can be challenging to get on with life since you have no idea where to start, how to do it, or who to call. Because of this, it is crucial on your part to make an effort to understand your situation so that you can do better. According to a therapist, there are several ways on how one can combat depression. The first essential thing that you have to do is to admit that you are going through something. Keep in mind that the only way to look for a solution to a problem is to admit to yourself first that there is something wrong.


One of the ways on how to deal with depression is to take advantage of the availability of the Internet. Take note that there have been several advancements in the field of technology that human beings can enjoy. In today’s article, we are going to give you a list of the top ways on how you can use technology to help you cope up with depression:

Watch Motivational Videos Through Your Phone

Are you aware that several people start their day by watching inspiring videos on their phone? Some of them download exclusive tracks that they can re-watch every single day.

On the other hand, there are also some who take advantage of the available videos on Youtube. What you must do is to search for these clips and choose those that you think can help you with your current situation. Keep in mind that it is crucial to allow these videos to motivate you. It would be useless to have them in your phone, but only end up rejecting the insights coming from the said videos.

Call or Message A Friend

One of the best things about technology is that you can already call or message a friend with one click of a button. You can get in touch with someone you love even if he is far away from you. Whenever you feel sad or lonely, do not allow yourself to drown in misery. Instead, find a way to get in touch with someone whom you can open up. Use technology to communicate with the said person. We now have Facebook, Twitter, or Google to help you do this particular thing. Keep in mind that the more you talk to someone you love and respect, the easier it would be on your part to continue living life despite your depression. “It’s important to remember depression is not something that should be considered shameful and experiencing it doesn’t make someone weak or inadequate,” shares Margarita Tartakovsky, M.S.


Try Online Therapy Sessions

For many people, contacting therapist may be difficult because they are afraid that others are going to judge them. They fear that those who know that they are going through counseling and therapy may say that they are insane or crazy. Make sure that you will never end up like them. Always remember that establishing a connection with a therapist is right for you. If you are still not comfortable with face-to-face interaction with an expert, do not worry because online therapy has become a thing these days. Through the use of your phone, you can already avail of therapy sessions that can provide you with means on how to outsmart depression and eliminate it in your life.

Download The Best Smartphone Apps

In this modern time, many of us are already using smartphones for personal reasons or business purposes. You have to also take advantage of this by downloading the right applications on our phones. Fortunately, many individuals have dedicated themselves to building apps that can help others. For example, you can get fitness apps that remind you to exercise regularly or give you a guide on how to do it the right way. Aside from this, you can also check quotes apps that are filled with inspirational or motivational sayings from several people. Take note that most of these apps are available for free. As such, you do not have to spend even a single centavo to get them.


Indeed, technology has provided us several means on how to live and enjoy life. “Find a rhythm that works for you and then stick to it,” suggests John M. Grohol, Psy.D. Be sure that you continue to exert effort in fighting depression. As already mentioned above, the first step is to accept your situation so that you can start thinking of the right ways how to fight it. Do not hesitate to contact a therapist if you seriously need help as soon as possible.

Is There Such Thing As Technology Dependence?

Have you ever thought about how life would be without your phone? Can you live in a place for an extended period even without Wi-Fi and internet? Is there a chance you can work things out without the help of machines and other devices? Will there be a moment that you won’t ever need one technology? Well, it seems like there is this ongoing never-ending race towards the perfection of a piece of innovation. And in today’s generation, almost all of us depend on it. Yes, we value these devices and equipment because it brings convenience to our everyday task. But are we not seeing it clearly that it also caters a negative impact on our overall well-being? In case you have not noticed, psychologists found out that too much dependency on technology associates mainly in a mental condition.


How Technology Is Affecting Our Lives

Technology affects our way of survival in such significant ways. From crossing the vast seas to taking flight through the air, everything that seems impossible is now on its progress of getting better. We can now communicate with people even if there is a reasonable distance in between. We can now learn new things without working so hard on finding resources. In this technological world, everything seems to be in front of us. It is safe to say that we humans already grew effectively over the years through the help of technological advancement. However, as we continue to innovate, civilization demands more from what technology has and can offer. With that, things become more intricate.

Thinking Through The Situation

Perhaps you already asked yourself a couple of times how are you going to get through your everyday life without your smartphones, the internet, small and large household devices, and so on. Well, that kind of thought proves a vital point in our society’s priority. It seems like we are now in an era where none of us ignores pieces of technological advancements. That is because we benefit primarily from its involvement in our lives. There might be a few individuals who won’t consider its use, but these people know for sure that technology has the potential to change things over time.

But before we react and end up thanking and complaining about the impacts of technology in our lives, we must first define the thin line between dependence and over-dependence. There is a conducted study which states that a reasonable reliance at some degree is okay. That is primarily when the technology promotes relative advantage over whatever type of lifestyle and the advanced system it supersedes. Such example of this is the effect of televisions to radios. As you can imagine, the TV becomes more advantageous because of its visual representation. More audience engages in its use because they find it helpful and convenient to envision a particular show rather than to listen and only imagine it. That is the reason why the whole television-radio idea differs from over-dependence.


So how can we know that we are becoming over-dependent? Well, imagine using our GPS. We rely solely upon its function because we know it can take us to our destination in the most possible efficient and safest way. With that, we often don’t care about looking ahead on the route. We tend to disregard the simple things to do like deciding which turns to take and determining which lanes to stay. Same goes to the example of trusting technology for critical operations, particularly in the healthcare unit. We assume that technology can handle everything in the healthcare industry. However, what we did not think through is its capability to affect the loss of patients’ safety and practice disturbance during its malfunctions and system unavailability.


With that over-dependence on the technology, its sudden unavailability becomes our worst nightmare. It creates an environment of emotional and mental chaos. People become unaware that over-reliance in technology is dangerous. That is particularly when there is an illusion that technology can handle critical activities without skepticism or questions. Because even if the technology does quite a lot of good things for us, it still has its incorrect assessments.

One thing we must put in mind is that there is no such thing as a hundred percent effective and reliable technological system. Even though some claim to have 99% security and effectiveness, it can potentially break down instantly or over time. And in the outcomes of these devices unavailability, people or human labor will still have to complete what work the machines can longer sustain.

Too Much Computer Use Can Cause Mental Health Issues


Being in front of the computer for more than five hours each day can lead to insomnia and depression – mental health issues. “While it’s a helpful tool for education, work, social interaction and entertainment, overuse can take a toll on your health,” says Saju Mathew, M.D. These findings were uncovered from the research that was recently conducted. Such a study is entirely different from previous studies relating the occurrences of eye strain, backache, and headache with spending screen time too much. Continue reading “Too Much Computer Use Can Cause Mental Health Issues”

Learn About Rootkit And How To Prevent It To Improve Your Behavioral Health’s Condition


A person’s behavioral health’s condition tends to go haywire when you find out that your beloved computer is infected. Rootkits, after all, are known to be a dream come true for many malware inventors all over the world. They have been designed to allow worms, bugs, bots, and other malware software to remain camouflaged and almost undetectable at first glance. These rootkits can make viruses undetected by the users even if they scan their systems with the help of various computer security programs. Apart from that, they do not display as part of the running processes in the Task Manager; that’s why it seems effortless for a non-tech-savvy individual to assume that nothing fishy is going on with their computer.

Nevertheless, you can’t take the matter for granted and hope for the best. Remember that having a rootkit entails that:

It Paves The Way For Other Malware

What rootkits do is that they bury themselves deep within the operating system like Microsoft Windows, for instance, so that when you perform a computer scan, you will not be able to learn about their existence. They function stealthily by hiding their files, processes, and registry keys.

Virtual attackers also use rootkits to make hidden directories or folder documents and keep them out of reach for the operating systems and the antivirus software. More than that, they are excellent tools for covering up malicious programs, which can range from spyware to key loggers that can steal private data from your computer. Rootkits also let criminals record, snatch away, modify, and transfer any information that is entered or stored in your PC in the least bit by disabling the firewalls and evading some traditional security products along the way. Thus, in case you notice that your virus shield programs keep on turning off, you should not feel too confident about the computer’s safety.


Your Device Will Always Be At Risk

Most of the time, rootkits store themselves in the PC via other infected system functions and then modify its operating system. Handlers have almost-zero percent chance of detecting them. You can practically compare rootkits to parasites that may spread out to search for new hosts to avoid total eradication. Besides, not everyone who is lucky enough to find them can erase them efficiently.

Despite that, now that you know how dangerous it can be to let rootkits live on your computer, you must think of ways to get rid of them. Say, take a crash course about removing malware online, or contact an expert who can do the job for you. It is best not to worry about additional expenses that rootkit removal will bring, especially if the security of your precious files is at stake.

You Are Prone To Getting More Sophisticated Malware

Some security experts have issued a warning that rootkits are becoming more predominant, more infectious and more sophisticated in a short period. Worse, it already aids malicious programs in deeply burying themselves into the system and can now possibly stay hidden even to the Microsoft Windows’ platform.

Statistics have shown that approximately 8% of all reported infections are made up of rootkits and this is not good news to any regular computer user. Talking about their growth in terms of popularity, the most infamous rootkits in the past include Alureon (more than 50% detected rootkits), followed by the Cutwail (less than 20%), and then Rustock (less than 10%).


Is There A Way To Prevent A Rootkit Infection?

A rootkit, in layman’s term, is the bane of the computer’s existence. Other forms of viruses can easily be detected by any antivirus program that is installed in our PC units, but this particular security threat tends to make you feel lost since it is designed not to be seen by anyone. The process of eradicating it is almost close to impossible as well.

If you don’t wish to ever deal with a rootkit, therefore, you should think of the following tips.

1. One of the most painless methods that you can perform to avoid the possibility of having rootkit into your computer is by creating system restore points at regular intervals of time. This way, you have something to revert to when things go crazy.

2. Avoid opening SPAM emails as well. In most cases, the rootkit can make its way to the system through this.


3. It is always recommended to scan any external device that you connect to the PC before using it to ensure that it does not contain harmful computer threats.

4. It is a must to update your antivirus protection program daily, if possible, from the main website of the vendor.

5. Use the Microsoft essential security tools, which are available on the Microsoft support web site.

To Sum Things Up

When it comes to shielding your files against bothersome computer threats, it is not always wrong to expect the worst. Run full scans almost every week if you can; ask an IT expert to help you maintain your computer if you deem it necessary. You don’t want hackers and information stealers to get ahold of any data that you have, after all.

Why The Growth Of Technology Scares People

Are you one of those people who believe that technology is scary? That instead of bringing good to the world, it only encourages adverse outcome? Have you thought about it replacing your job or might do things better than anybody else? Is there a slight chance that you picture yourself less than able compared to a piece of metal? Well, for sure you already thought about those things. You also ask someone you know or a member of a family how many jobs will change if ever machines take over.


Innovation VS Human Labor

Technology mostly discusses artificial intelligence due to its fast processing capability. That’s perhaps okay because most people don’t complain. Everyone seems happy in dealing with the innovative situation. Maybe that’s because they believe in “technological advancement.” That everything around us only moves forward, and nothing will bring back to the old age.

Over the years, the development of machines helped in making human lives more manageable. There are lots of inventions that provide efficiency, accuracy, and spotless products or results. With that, we didn’t have to spend much effort in working only to survive. We see a lot of changes and developments in our lives that we become thankful for the development of such. However, what we didn’t notice is everything about technology comes with a cost.


For about thousands of years ago, as innovation goes along with human evolution, stone craft workers were driven out by bronze makers. But when iron tools came together, all the bronze workers immediately lost their jobs. If you noticed the pattern, the industrial revolution wiped out most of the livelihood of millions of hard-working people. These include weavers and cobblers who teach themselves to adapt to technological changes. Because if they don’t, they will get left behind. The same pattern that put these individuals in a different situation away from the manual task is still happening today. But only now, the transition goes ten times faster.

The Reason For Job Insufficiencies

All kinds of routine jobs have become automated over the past few years. Well, that’s because of the breakthrough of technologies such as radio frequency identification, robotics, computing, and high-speed networking. With these provided elements, we are now surging in globalization. It allows industrial companies to transfer and move jobs across other countries with less financial constraint. That is because the technological process is way cheaper and convenient. Regulating inventories and procedures are well-maintained.

Globalization and technology wipe out millions of manufacturing and jobs over the past few years. From textile mills up to plantation, human labor is getting scarce. The jobs we thought that only humans could do are now in the hands of technology. Machines become the best option because they don’t get tired and weak. Their physical attributes are incomparable to humans’ capability to finish a task in multiple ways. But not all that, even our high skill jobs are also at risk. That is due to the integration of computer processing. When you try to calculate the growth of computers from the last decades, its progress doubles every two years. Before, the database was huge but only amounts in limited access to information. But now the information gathered from an unlimited amount of data can now fit in a small chip inside a mobile device. And in a few more decades, we can expect that a computer will become ten thousand more influential than it is today.


Artificial Intelligence

Computers already use artificial intelligence to monitor, create, regulate, and process data. It can easily recognize people’s faces, beat the world’s greatest math or chess masters, easily understand and translate a variety of spoken languages, and even effortlessly compose music or draw a painting. As computers learn to analyze human behavior and mental function, they grow and develop into something that diminishes social interaction. Technology will replace hundreds and thousands of professional jobs in the coming decades. There could be a machine that can follow the recipe correctly, machines that simultaneously work on multiple surgical operations, machines that complete household chores within minutes, and more.

With these unnoticeable features of technology, you might start to wonder. Yes, there’s comfortability, savings, and less energy exertion when innovation provides services. However, it is somehow the reason why a lot of people in our generation can no longer use their potential skills. There is always a risk that jobs in the future will get replaced by technology. But before you bestow a judgment, you also need to balance things. Though globalization and technology destroy jobs, it is also important to note that these also create jobs. It is through the generation of new market and industries for new products and services.

We don’t know exactly what the future would bring us, but we can be sure at one thing – transition. Everything is changing now, and it will continue in the future.