Best Smartphones For Gaming

If you attended the last 2019 gaming phone event, you would understand the need for the perfect gaming device. Sure, there are tons of upgraded smartphones out in the market. However, only a few of them can make it to the top list. Let’s get started in knowing the technological highlights and trends.


Apple iPhone 11 is our first on the list. Though it is not the first choice you would have in mind, it is one of the best smartphones for gaming. It has a powerful chipset in super-powerful hardware. It has a large low latency screen that makes the gaming experience comfortable. Plus, it has a good battery life that can maintain long hours of game time.

Another smartphone that earns a spot on the list is One+ 70. It has been one of the few favorites after a month of its release. Same as the iPhone 11, it is not likely dedicated to gaming. However, its features can surpass other devices that offer quality when it comes to mobile gaming performance.

Next on the list is the Xiaomi Black Shark 2 and 2Pro. Compared to the first two on the list, this smartphone is dedicated to gaming, both in physical features and performance. It supports a great battery life. It has low touch latency on its OLED display. It is supported by a Snapdragon 55 plus chipset that can promise you a better gaming experience.


The crowd favorite comes next, which is the Nubia Red Magic 3 and 3’s. When it comes to design and chipsets, the Nubia Red Magic is sure for gaming. It supports a great battery life, it has an 89-hertz refresh rate, and Gorilla glass built. On top of that, it has a built-in fan that can cut down thermal throttling.

Asus ROG 2 is the editor’s choice up until today. It has the highest 100 refresh rate, which makes it quite responsive. It has a 6,000 mAh that makes it very convenient in more prolonged use. It has an almost perfect display with low latency touch. It supports an excellent chipset that makes gamers want to have it.


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