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Feb 24, 2021


Overcoming Social Anxiety: Frequently Asked Questions

    Source:   Living with social phobia or a social anxiety disorder can be distressing to one’s daily functioning. Typically, people live their lives without consulting a doctor and getting a diagnosis and treatment plan for their SAD. ..

Nov 1, 2020


How Social Media Destroys Our Mental Health

Networking is one of the great things that technology has ever presented to humans. Though way back in history where it is already a thing, the current generation made everything about it quite accessible, relevant, and convenient. Thus, who would ..

Sep 4, 2020


Computer Addiction Left Me Without A Family

Source: When I was just 7-years-old, my parents got divorced because they argue a lot. Whether it is about small things that don’t matter, both of them make a fuss out of it. It is as if they can’t ..

Jun 25, 2020


How Social Media Affects Mental Health During COVID-19

Social media has changed our lives through the years, and it has become increasingly important during this pandemic. We get updates online for the growing cases of COVID-19 and guidelines for the “new normal” through social media. However, exposure may ..

May 27, 2020


Best Smartphones For Gaming

If you attended the last 2019 gaming phone event, you would understand the need for the perfect gaming device. Sure, there are tons of upgraded smartphones out in the market. However, only a few of them can make it to the ..

May 13, 2020


Pros And Cons Of Internet Exposure During Quarantine

The coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic has kept people around the world inside their homes. Many countries observe quarantine protocols as part of the global effort to stop the spread of the virus. Staying at home has become a social duty ..

Apr 13, 2020


How Computers Change Our Lives

In the 2019 computer technology conferences, there is a presentation of the good and bad of technology. But as for me, my focus was on the positivity it provides. Therefore I can say that computers are the new humans’ daily companion. ..

Oct 14, 2019


How To Balance Technology Use And Mental Wellness

  Because of modern technology, almost everything is within our reach. However, while it has made our lives more convenient in a lot of ways, it has also caused us much stress and anxiety since its birth. According to reports ..

Oct 7, 2019


Amazing Discoveries That Have Changed Our Lives

Throughout technological history, we have learned how the primitive man has progressed to today’s modern technology. Indeed, even your eyeglasses have a wonderful history of its invention and use. There are also the basic inventions, like the candle that has ..

Sep 30, 2019


How Businesses Can Improve Productivity Among Employees

When it comes to new technologies, it is vital to remember that top management of an organization, a business, or a company must do its implementation. Choosing the appropriate software and requiring employees to undergo extensive training is extremely vital. ..