The 2016 Ventura Information Technology Convention

Jan 2, 2019


The 2016 Ventura Information Technology Convention

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The best thing about the 2016 ventura information technology convention is the line up of their keynote speakers. All the attendees were surely satisfied with the new learning they got from the highly acclaimed professionals in the field of information technology. It was such a great opportunity to become one of the people who were lucky enough to be part of the said convention.


During the event, the IT experts showed everyone the unlimited possibilities of using the latest advancements in technology to solve or deal with the day-to-day problems of the people. One of the industries that these experts mentioned is the medical field or healthcare industry. According to them, several innovative procedures and systems are currently being developed to help patients.


As a person who wants to establish a career in information technology, I made an effort to make as many connections as I can during the conference. I introduced myself to several company owners, especially those who were brave enough to build their startup firms. Some of these businessmen helped me find the right resources to start my projects.

Just recently, I launched a new firm that is focused on providing convenience and assistance to medical patients. My team and I are still in the process of developing the project, which is why we are still in the initial step of the business venture. I have already invested thousands of dollars tor our first project. I believe that we are going to succeed in the future.


For all IT graduates out there, make it a habit to attend meetings, seminars, events and conferences that will help you develop your skills in the field. Do not be complacent because the competition in the market is tough. You have to know the proper ways on how to start building your professional path.

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