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Oct 14, 2019


How To Balance Technology Use And Mental Wellness

  Because of modern technology, almost everything is within our reach. However, while it has made our lives more convenient in a lot of ways, it has also caused us much stress and anxiety since its birth. According to reports ..

Oct 7, 2019


Amazing Discoveries That Have Changed Our Lives

Throughout technological history, we have learned how the primitive man has progressed to today’s modern technology. Indeed, even your eyeglasses have a wonderful history of its invention and use. There are also the basic inventions, like the candle that has ..

Sep 30, 2019


How Businesses Can Improve Productivity Among Employees

When it comes to new technologies, it is vital to remember that top management of an organization, a business, or a company must do its implementation. Choosing the appropriate software and requiring employees to undergo extensive training is extremely vital. ..

Sep 23, 2019


Advantages of Brand Transformation Due To Technology

The digital era has swiftly transformed and is now offering people with infinite options from products down to services. Traditional business platforms have effectively integrated with new technology, making it possible for companies to upgrade their businesses and provide many ..

Jun 13, 2019


Therapist: How Technology Can Help You Cope Up With Depression

Having depression is definitely not an easy thing to handle, especially if you are still in a stage of denial. “Depression is a serious mood disorder that affects millions of people each year,” quotes Jane Framingham, Ph.D. It can be ..

Jun 7, 2019


Is There Such Thing As Technology Dependence?

Have you ever thought about how life would be without your phone? Can you live in a place for an extended period even without Wi-Fi and internet? Is there a chance you can work things out without the help of ..

Mar 27, 2019


Too Much Computer Use Can Cause Mental Health Issues

Being in front of the computer for more than five hours each day can lead to insomnia and depression – mental health issues. “While it’s a helpful tool for education, work, social interaction and entertainment, overuse can take a toll ..

Mar 13, 2019


Learn About Rootkit And How To Prevent It To Improve Your Behavioral Health’s Condition

A person’s behavioral health’s condition tends to go haywire when you find out that your beloved computer is infected. Rootkits, after all, are known to be a dream come true for many malware inventors all over the world. They have ..

Feb 6, 2019


Why The Growth Of Technology Scares People

Are you one of those people who believe that technology is scary? That instead of bringing good to the world, it only encourages adverse outcome? Have you thought about it replacing your job or might do things better than anybody ..