How To Use Technology To Motivate You

Staying motivated can be a complete struggle for many people, especially those who keep on experiencing negative things in their lives. Psychologists Lauren Eskreis-Winkler and Ayelet Fishbach explain that “psychologists have long known problems related to self-control are connected to a lack of motivation to transform knowledge into action.” There are many individuals who are easily disheartened the moment they experience a minor setback in achieving their goals. If you are one of these persons, then you are perfectly aware that it can be difficult or challenging for you to get back on track no matter how much you want to make it happen. You will continue to doubt yourself to the point that you will just let yourself go. “The reality is that there are many different forces that guide and direct our motivations,” according to Kendra Cherry,MS.


Fortunately, there are tons of ways on how you can deal with this problem without trying too hard. Nowadays you can already use the difference advancements in the field of technology for your benefit. You no longer need to experience what it feels like to lack motivation. In this article, we are going to list down the top effective and practical ways on how you can use technology to motivate you to keep going:


Start A Blog To Express And Inspire

Do not be afraid to let your emotions out because it can set you free. Start to open up to other people by creating your blog, which can serve as an online journal. The great thing about this is that you have the option to publish an article anonymously or using your name. The choice or decision depends on your preferences and what you want to happen. Use the blog not only to express what you think and feel but also to inspire others to keep being motivated and inspired.


Make A Call To A Close Friend or Loved One


 Do not hesitate to use your smartphones to get in touch with the people you love. Never make a mistake of thinking that these individuals have nothing to do with you. Just because you do not communicate every single day does not necessarily mean that your friendship or relationship has been terminated. Accept the fact that you have different priorities. Instead, make an effort to connect to a loved one and have a conversation with him. You will never know how one correspondence can turn your positive mood into a good mood.


Download Apps To Keep You Calm

The latest or recent advancements in technology have also made it possible for companies to develop applications that aim to improve the mental health of its users. Nowadays, it has become easy to download an app that would make any person feel calm or encourage one to practice meditation. What you need to do is to discover the top-rated apps and download them. Some of them may be available for free while others require in-app purchases before you can use all its features. The ideal thing to do is to read the reviews first or comments from its users to know if the apps would be ideal for you. Get the instant relaxation you need at the tips of your fingers!


“If you are motivated, you learn better and remember more of what you learned,” says Kou Murayama, PhD. Keep in mind that there are many ways on how you can motivate yourself. You can decide whether to use technology or not. Do whatever makes you happy and one that will lead you to achieve your goals in life.

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