Finding The Balance Between Employment And Mental Health

If there is one thing that you need to understand at this point in your life, it is the fact that you need to take good care of your mental health. “Your mental wellness is essential. Make sure to keep track of your mental health,” says Susan Krauss Whitbourne, Ph.D. Be sure to put your self-interest before anything else because one wrong move can turn your life upside down. Take note that many people have experienced several problems because of a particular mental illness. Make sure to act as early as now to ensure that you will not fall under this category.


In this article, we are going to explore the different ways on how you can still keep your mental health as a top priority despite your hectic schedule at work. The goal of this article is to show to everyone that it is possible to find a balance between the two. All you have to do is to remember these:


Know When To Stop

Learn how to take a break when it comes to your employee engagement. You are the best person who can tell if you are too exhausted to continue with work. Stop lying to yourself about your physical condition. Do not be afraid to refuse accepting work on days when you want to rest. Keep in mind that you cannot succeed in the workplace if you will feel tired all the time. Rest if you must.


Avoid Toxic People

Let go of the pressure of making friends to everyone in the office. Accept the reality that there are some people whom you cannot get along well. As such, there is no necessity to connect with these persons because you will only feel too much stress and anxiety. However, this does not mean that you have to maintain a hostile environment among yourselves. The smart thing to do is to remain professional at all times.


Meet Deadlines

As much as possible, never procrastinate so that time constraint will have nothing on you. According to Marty Nemko, Ph.D., “If you don’t have a deadline, give yourself one, even if it means writing a check to your least favorite political party, which you give to a friend to mail if you don’t complete the promised work by the agreed-on deadline.” Whenever a project or assignment is given to you, make sure to complete it right away. Do not wait for the deadlines before you submit it to your superior or the proper department. Always remember that the feeling of always being in a hurry can put you in a negative mood. Aside from this, it can also decrease your productivity.


Be With Your Family

Life is not all about earning sufficient income to spend for your wants and needs. You also need to exert efforts in spending quality time with everyone in your family. “It is imperative for families to spend time together in order to facilitate bonding,” says Hameeda Bassa-Suleman. Do not forget that money does not make the world go round. There are days when you need to recharge with everyone in your family. A simple get-together activity during the weekend would already suffice to meet this idea. If time and budget permit, you can also go out of town.


Do What You Love

Balancing time for work and yourself should not be difficult as long as you are not forced to do something that you are not happy about. Be strong enough to walk away from your employment if it is no longer making you happy. Do not stay in a compromising situation. There is nothing to worry here because the truth is that you will not feel any pressure at work as long as you love what you are doing.


Mental health should be a top priority at all times. Once this issue has been settled, the next thing to do is to find ways on how you can continuously grow and become a satisfied individual. Connect with the tight individuals who share the same sentiments as you do. You will be surprised at how they can help you feel better about every single thing.

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